Singapore p.1 – Eating

Coming to Singapore, we had a list of must have foods, from friend recommendations and the copious amount of food shows/channels we had watched leading up to our trip. Singapore is an amazing food destination because of its diversity of cultures and inspirations. We wanted to dabble in as much as we could get our hands on.

Food is everywhere in Singapore. At times it can be overwhelming to decide where or what to eat. However, a Singaporean rule to follow at hawker centers and food courts: always go to the longest queue (line). For our first meal in Singapore, (it was around lunch time) we found a little food center close to our hotel, noticed the stall that had the longest (and only) line and got in it. We had waited in line about an hour and 15 minutes when we started conversing with some businessmen ahead of us. They confirmed that you always follow the longest queue and informed us that this stall had been awarded a Michelin Star earlier this year. They were very excited that we found this spot and gave us a few other Singapore tips. We both got Bak Chor Mee which literally means “noodles and minced meat” and split a Meatball Soup. The Bak Chor Mee had layers of flavors from the sauce of soy sauce, fish sauce, vinegar, sambal, grounded dried shrimps, and a dose of lard. The noodles were fresh and boiled to perfection. It was a great start to our eating escapades.

I will just briefly outline some of the other foods we had.

Korean BBQ at I’m Kim BBQ
We were complete newbies to this but overall a great a delicious experience.


Laksa and Otah at 328 Katong Laksa
Laksa was one of the Singaporean foods that was on our list to try. Laksa is a soup that combines Malayan and Chinese cuisine with rice noodles and a spicy coconut curry prawn broth (Laksa varies but this was the one we had). After some research we found a place that was suppose to have the best Laksa on the island. I loved the rich broth with some added sambal. Next time I will skip the cockles.
The otah is a savory fish cake with tapioca and spices wrapped and cooked in banana leaf. I wan’t sure what to expect from this but it was really good!

Nasi Lemak at the Changi Village Hawker Centre
Since we were at a Hawker Centre, we found the longest queue and it happened to be one of the foods on our to-eat list. Nasi Lemak is a Muslim dish with fragrant coconut rice, served with sambal, fried anchovies, toasted peanuts and cucumbers.
We both got it with chicken (as opposed to fish or otah). The chicken was crispy and juicy and was in harmony with the sweet coconut rice, egg, crunchy anchovies and heat from the sambal.

Braised Duck with Noodle Soup
We needed to add lots of extra chili to this but it was very good.


Breakfast Pastries and Doughnuts from a Japanese Bakery
Two different Ham and Cheese pastries, Cranberry and Cream Cheese tart, Tokyo Mushroom, and an Oreo Doughnut. They were all very light and fluffy. Although, the oreo doughnut has nothing on the Oreo Doughnut from HURTS Doughnut Shop in Middleton, WI (which I know thanks to Miss Katie Fischer 😉).

Thai Dinner at Sawadee:
Thai Style Otah (Hor Mok Talay Khanom Krok): a mackerel fish mousse with Thai herbs served on a traditional Clay Plate
Olive Fried Rice (Khao Phad Nam Liam) with chicken strips, dried shrimps, lime, shallots, and chilies. Super good with the different layers and textures.
Panaeng Red Curry Roast Duck (Gaeng Phed Ped Yang) with lychees and pineapples. Really enjoyed this dish.

Indian Dinner at Aromas of India in Little India:
We ordered Indian Food frequently in Madison so we decided to just do our usual order here.
Chicken 65, Hyderabadadi Chicken Biryani, and Butter Chicken. We also tried their Peshwari Naan (traditional bread from the kitchen of the maharajas). Really good flavors.

Chicken Rice..everyone will tell you this is a must have. I think I will have to try it again at another place because I was expecting a lot more for all the hype it gets.


Roasted Chicken that was served with french fries and coleslaw, and chicken wings. The chicken was delicious, delicious, delicious; so crispy and juicy.

Dinner at Peranakan Flavours
Peranakan had authentic “Melecca style” Peranakan food. We had Chicken Rendang, Belimbing Pork, and some Pork/Shrimp rolls. I liked my chicken, Jared had other thoughts on his dish and the food. Not much else to say about this.

Our last dinner for this stay in Singapore was at Din Tai Fung which was a fabulous recommendation from Cassie Parkhurst. We indulged with an Oriental Salad in special vinegar dressing to start followed by Pork and Black Truffle Dumplings, Siew Mai (Shrimp and Pork) Dumplings, and Chili Crab and Pork Steamed Buns. I had the Dan Dan Noodles and Jared had Spicy Noodles.

Dim Sum snacks from a food court close to our hotel
Siew Mai (shirmp and pork dumplings), Xiao Liang Bao (Char Siew pork buns), Sesame Balls (YUM).

Pasties from a little shop in the shopping complex of our MRT station.
Pineapple Pastry and Turkish Egg Tart


Gourmet Bakkwa: It’s like delicious and fresh pork jerky

Lots of stops at Cheers (the 24-hour convenient store) for candy and treats


Fresh Juices and Smoothies, Iced Kopi (Coffee with evaporated milk and sugar), and lots of coconut water!

I guess this got to be a pretty long post! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed consuming it all!

For our next destination, Bali, we won’t be as focused on food…more on the R&R part!

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