Singapore p.2 – Eating

Round two in Singapore we were not as tunnel visioned for food as our first week, although we still had some good eats!

We went to a place near Chinatown known for its Bak Kut Teh which is a pork rib soup. The amazing part of the dish is the broth. It’s so flavorful, and they kept coming around to refill your bowl. Although I wasn’t able to eat all the meat because I wasn’t feeling 100, the broth was the perfect accompaniment for a nauseous stomach.


The next day for lunch I was looking for something familiar so we went to the food court close to our hotel and I got the duck noodle soup. Added lots of cilantro (coriander leaf), green onions, and chili sauce. So delicious. Jared had a noodle dish with pork various ways.


We tried another place with Indian cuisine, this one off Orchard Rd called Curry Culture. It’s in a busy area with many restaurants and we were able to sit outside and watch the happenings around us. We started with Papdi Chaat. We weren’t sure what this was as the description just said ‘typically Indian’. When we ordered it our server asked if we have had it before and when we said no, he reacted excitedly. When it arrived he described them as ‘Indian in one bite’. Intrigued, I shoved in a bite. It was a flavor punch in my mouth! Spicy, sweet, tangy, and crunchy. They were delicious. As you can see from the picture, there was a lot going on. We then ordered our usual biryani, butter chicken, and some cheese naan. Each one was the best we have had so far, especially the cheese naan…yuuuuum!

For breakfast one day we got a Singapore breakfast I’ve been wanting to try – Kaya Toast. You can find it many place but we went to a place called Toast Box. It’s basically just a thick toast with kaya (a coconut jam or sorts) and 2 half-boiled eggs. The toast is crunchy on the outside and super fluffy on the inside. You mix the eggs with some dark and/or light soy sauce, salt/pepper and then eat it with the toast. I loved this and would definitely have it every morning. It doesn’t look super appetizing and Jared wasn’t feeling it so much. He got a ham/cheese sandwich on toast. We both got it with Kopi C, which is becoming our new addiction. It’s local coffee with Carnation evaporated milk and sugar. It’s divine.


One night we had dinner at a Thai Fine Dining restaurant by Marina Bay. We had stuffed chicken wings and deep fried seasoned beef. They were alright although we both agreed that Madison’s Monsoon Siam’s sun dried beef is better. We ordered a “spicy” duck curry and larp (a spicy minced meat salad, a favorite of mine that I make at home on the reg.) They were both alright but not nearly as spicy as we were looking for. The couple next to us commented that although it was good food, it was not authentic Thai. That reassured us and just made us more excited to get to Thailand.

We ate at the Bay Sands Mall food court two times before our days at The Gardens and The ArtScience Museum. However, this is not your typical mall food court (in not your typical mall). This is the Rasapura Masters and it offers the best of the best in a Hawker style fashion.

This first day we ate at a Chinese place where I got one of the foods I had heard about – Carrot Cake. This dish is not made of carrots and it is not cake. It is actually stir fried radish and there are two varieties: black carrot cake or white carrot cake. I got mixed. I think it also had chicken in it, and served with egg that also had radish in it. It was really good for the first few bites, and I’m glad I tried it, but it was not one of my favorite things. Jared had a really yummy Char Kway Teow (stir fried rice cake strips).

The second time we were there we went to Noodle Star because I liked watching them make the noodles and dumplings right in front of us. Jared got the Duck La Mian which was delicious and I got a scrumptious ramen with minced pork and a mushroom and spice sauce. We wanted some extra spice to I went to get some chili sauce from one of the other stalls. The first time went fine, but they did not like it the second time. Oops..lesson learned. We also shared an order of steamed pork and chive dumplings.

Then, we walked around the whole, massive mall visiting each coffee shop or cafe looking for Kopi only to end up back at a stall in the food court. We needed our Kopi.


Our last meal in Singapore we went to a place that was suppose to have amazing roast duck. It had just opened a month earlier and was the same family that has a Michelin Star restaurant in Hong Kong. The only difference is that in Hong Kong they use goose, but because of some laws, Singapore cannot import goose and therefore uses duck. We got a quarter duck, some barbecue pork and pork belly based on the servers recommendations. We also had two orders of noodles, garlic/chive and prawn. The meat was tender but kind of dry and did not have much flavor without the plum sauce served with it. The other meats were okay, too. The noodles were completely over priced. The broth that was served with our meals had good flavor. However, I left feeling like I wanted a do-over for our last meal.

Overall, we highly enjoyed our food experiences in Singapore. We got to try many dishes that define Singapore’s cuisines and culture. I look forward to the next time!

Thanks for Keeping Up 😉

5 thoughts on “Singapore p.2 – Eating

  1. Gert Roets

    Your mom got me set up on this when she was here last Thursday. Really enjoy reading about all your experiences. Its very cold here -3 with the wind chill -16 and had about 6-7 inches of snow. I feel like I’m house bound.
    Love you guys and thanks for the u-date Great Aunt Gert

    Liked by 1 person

    1. klschmuhl

      Yes! I’m glad she did that! Thank you!

      Oh my, that is so cold. It’s hard to remember what that feels like, but I’m glad I don’t have to! Stay warm Aunt Gert!! Love you!


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