Beauty in Kauai

So obviously this post is not from our Asia travels but I need to practice this blogging stuff.

Flashback to Spring Break 2015, my boyfriend Jared and I went on an amazing vacation to the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Kauai is geologically the oldest Hawaiian island and fittingly known as The Garden Isle. Kauai has everything you would imagine of a tropical island; lush forests, amazing beaches, and perfect weather.  But Kauai is so much more; the jaw dropping beauty of the NaPali Coast, the grand vastness of the Waimea Canyon, and the seemingly endless number of waterfalls. Kauai is a place where you can find adventure around any corner, while being relaxed and laid back.

We were able to explore the island by water, via catamaran, by air, via helicopter, and by ground, via our Mustang Convertible. I was mesmerized by all the beautiful colors and fragrant smells of the island. We relaxed at many beaches, showered in waterfalls, and hiked a bit of the Waimea Canyon. We fell in love with the peaceful and laid back atmosphere of the island. We enjoyed fresh fish, local cuisines, and amazing food carts. We watched in amazment as mom and baby humpback whales put on a show right beside our catamaran. We did not like getting stuck in the sand (in previously mentioned Mustang) at the stunningly gorgeous Polihale State Park and beach, but we were grateful for the help from other vacationers and locals to eventually pull us out! We miss the wild life, and by wild life I mean the Chickens that freely roam the island!

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