Los Angeles, CA – Eating

Well it’s official: I love LA. I love the sunshine, the beach, the heat with zero humidity, the people, the food, oh the food! I’m not sure that I will always write this much about the food, but it’s just been so amazing! We’ve been staying in Santa Monica, so most of the places we’ve gone have been around our area. Here’s what we’ve been eating:

First night we grabbed some late night food at Mercado, a classic and contemporary Mexican restaurant. Great atmosphere, amazing food, and flavorful margaritas!
We started with their guacamole – loved the spicy pepitas addition. Next went with their special Tamales, a thanksgiving inspired combo – turkey with cranberry sauce; they were so light, fluffy, and delicious. Next, we got the Dos Gringas – pastor tacos x1000000; I cannot get these tacos off my mind. Spit Roasted meat with cheese, two types of salsa, and red onion on their house made tortillas. We enjoyed it all with Jalapeño Margaritas which had flavors of pineapple and cilantro..yum!

Friday morning we woke up and headed to Cafe Crepe around the corner from our hotel. We shared one savory and one sweet; it was the perfect combination! Savory was the L’Epicurienne: prosciutto, brie, egg, tomato and basil purée. The sweet was Banana and Fresh Strawberries with whipped cream!

We did not eat again until dinner which was at SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa. When I think about this meal, it’s like being in a dream. It was perfection; the best sushi I have ever had. The tenderness of the fish, the kick of acidity, the warm and sticky rice perfectly dressed, melts in your mouth and you never want the bite to end. We each went with the Trust Me menu which preselects your pieces and it did not disappoint. We also added the special for the night, scallops, which were so amazing we had to get them for dessert, too. There are no pictures of this meal as it is sushi etiquette to eat each piece immediately as they are served to you. Even though there are no pictures, I will never be able to forgot this experience.


After walking around for a while, we decided we were ready for a second dessert so we headed to Yogurtland to get some Fro-Yo. We choose a white chocolate raspberry and a chocolate cookie yogurt and piled on the toppings. We probably should have got the bigger sized dish.



Saturday morning we tried out Blue Daisy. Delicious bevs and great food. We had a Turkish latte and their Bacon Bloody Mary’s. To eat, I had the California Scramble and Jared had the Croissant Breakfast Sandwich!

After spending the day at The Getty, we stopped for a little snack of oysters and crab cakes at Santa Monica Seafood Market. We enjoyed beausoleil, kumamoto and I don’t remember the name of the third, but it wasn’t as good as the other two.

We walked the beach, watched the sunset, and then headed up for some cocktails. We called it a night after an exhausting day!

Sunday morning we returned to Cafe Crepe, this time for omelettes. The omelettes were good but the hashbrowns that came with were phenomenal. I love when hashbrowns are extra crispy on the outside with just a little bit of soft on the inside.


We spent all of Sunday at the beach and didn’t eat again until dinner, back at Mercado (it was just so good the first time, we wanted more). This time we got the Choriqueso – three different melted cheeses, chorizo, white wine, poblanos and mushrooms, (I also forgot to mention they have amazing house made chips; thick and perfectly salted), Tacos de Pescado, and their Rib Eye Steak special. We had to go big for our last dinner in the US.

Monday morning back to our favorite breakfast spot, Cafe Crepe. We did the savory/sweet split again, this time with the Stuffed French Toast sweet crepe. Délicieux!


Our last lunch was at an amazing food truck in Venice. Ceviche tostadas, chicharones and pastor tacos – the perfect meal to leave California.

Now we enjoy the perks of the United Club while we wait to board; charcuterie, soup, breads, salads, and free wine! Seriously, I didn’t even know these places existed.

I know this post is long, so if you’re still reading you must enjoy food as much as I do! The next food post will hopefully be new and foreign!

Thanks For Keeping Up 😉

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