Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Seeing and Doing, Eating

We planned a short stop in Malaysia to visit the capitol city of Kuala Lumpur. We took a bus from Singapore to KL which was about a five hour ride of Malaysia country side with lush green hills and lot of palm plantations. We stopped for departure/arrival immigration in the respective countries and then one other stop about half way in to the trip. The stop was at a Malaysian Market, and since we had not exchanged any money yet, we just walked around and took in the sights and smells; fruit stands, fresh pateries, a Hawker style food center, and a small grocery store.

When we got to KL we were dropped off at a Shopping Mall/Bus Station. Our plan was to find a Malaysian SIM card and then get an Uber to our hotel which was only 1.8 miles away.It had just started raining and we had our large packs on trying to get around. We stopped at a small convenient store, but no SIM cards there. Some men outside offered some help and directions to the mall (the mall across from the first mall). We made our way in and found the place we needed to be. Everyone was very helpful and after exchanging some money to buy the card and some data, we were able to order an Uber. We waited for a while and finally Nick showed up. We soon found out that the reason it had taken him so long to get there, even when it looked like he was so close, was because traffic is horrendous in KL. Luckily, Nick was amazing; very conversational and informative. He talked to us about American Politics (AKA Trump), differences between Singapore and Malaysia (he had lived in Singapore for seven years), a brief history of KL/Malaysia, some of his and our travel plans, and recommended some places we could check out while in KL. It was a good thing we had a lot to talk about, because the 1.8 mile drive took us about 45 minutes!


Seeing and Doing

Since we did not have much time in KL (two nights, one full day) we spent most of it walking around the city. The location of our hotel made this convenient. We visited the Petronas Twin Towers and the Park adjacent to them. Inside the lower part of the towers in a massive mall that we searched every floor for some Kopi C. The park was really pretty and had many paths, pavilions, and really cute water fountains.

The area is full of skyscrapers and interesting architecture. We noticed that many of the buildings also have a lot of ‘green space’ on them as did the buildings in Singapore.


A little after it got dark, there was a water/light show in the Petronas pond that we caught a little bit of before heading to dinner.



Our first night, Jared found an Indian Restaurant walking distance from our hotel. So after much walking, because Google Maps gets mixed up sometimes, we found it! There were many pictures hanging on the wall of famous people who had come to the restaurant and among them I found two pictures I recognized…Bill and Hillary Clinton.

We sat down, browsed the large menu and started ordering. We had Murgh Chaat (a grilled chicken chopped salad served cold) and Shami Kebab (like a super flavorful meat patty) to start. For our main course we had Murgh Tandoori, and Murgh Badami (chicken in a delicious almond gravy) with Pulao (rice with a flavor punch), garlic naan and paneer naan. Everything we ate was fragrant and delicious. Each dish was packed with flavor and we left full and satisfied.

The second night marked one month being away from the United States and we decided to go for some comfort food. This almost led us to TGIFridays in the lure of French Onion Soup, but instead decided on a busy little Belgian Pub. We indulged on Stella Artois and craft beers, meatballs and croquettes, roast chicken and friend fish and chips. It wasn’t the most amazing meal but it was a nice change of pace.

We really enjoyed Kuala Lumpur and the small piece of Malaysia we were able to experience. The people were always friendly and helpful. If I ever find myself in KL again, I know there is a lot more to explore. We were also offered advise from some friendly Malaysian girls to explore the coastlines the next time we get back.

Thanks for Keeping Up 😉

4 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Seeing and Doing, Eating

  1. Gert Roets

    Look forward to reading about all your experiences. Trip of a life time. Weather here today is 33 with drizzly rain. Should get down to the single diggets tomorrow. Not much snow left from before Christmas. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Great-Aunt Gert

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