Phuket, Thailand – Seeing and Doing, Eating

Sawadee Ka! (Hello)

I admit that I am a bit behind on my posts; Thailand seems so long ago! But I will do my best to relive the times in the country I was most excited to visit! We started in the south of Thailand and made our way north stopping in three popular and distinct places. First stop: Phuket!

Seeing and Doing
Phuket is a large island in the Andaman Sea off of Thailand’s west coast. We were in Nai Yang which we choose for a few different reasons. First, it had a beautiful and relativity quiet beach (compared to many of Phuket’s beaches). It is a popular spot for Thai locals and not too touristy. Second, its location was very convenient and third, we found a great place to stay. Our resort was on a private part of the long Nai Yang Beach and when we arrived late afternoon we were a little confused. The pictures of the beach on their website did not look like what we were seeing. We went to our room to get settled in and then walked around the resort. We went to view the beach more closely. It looked like it had just been drained, and the water was pretty far away, like 100 yards away. “Oh, well” we thought, and went to Happy Hour followed by dinner.
The next day on our way to the [massive] pool, we walked by the beach and wouldn’t you know, it was beautiful; Clear, teal water coming all the way up to the lounge chairs set up with umbrellas. At this moment we realized it must be the tide. Jared and I know about low and high tide, (I even mentioned it in my LA post) but this was the most dramatic either of us had ever witnessed. Now that we knew about it, it was a really cool thing to watch and pay attention to.



One of our favorite activities from our time at the resort was taking the paddle-boards out. Our beach wasn’t deep enough to swim but it was deep enough to paddle board. It was Jared’s first time paddle-boarding so we paddled around for a bit to get comfortable. After a little bit we started “surfing” the wake coming in. I admittedly fell a few times, laughing as I’d lose my balance and make a big splash. We did this until low tide came which brought in some interesting wave patterns. When it settled and the water receded, we walked the beach admiring the beautiful patterns left in the sand and the way the setting sun would catch the small puddles in the crevices. The sand crabs would emerge and clean out their homes leaving tiny little spheres of sand behind. I enjoyed inspecting the unique patterns they would create.


The second day, we took the shuttle to the Nai Yang Beach. Once getting there by car, <10 min drive, we realized we could just as easily walk there along the beach (better if it’s low tide) so we decided we didn’t need to rely on the shuttle. Nai Yang has a street off the beach with markets, restaurants, a pharmacy (where we had to replenish our sunscreen and contact lens solution), and many shops. The beach is also next to Sirinat National Park. After walking the street, we went down to the beach. The water was so warm and deep enough to swim so I took advantage and enjoyed some salt water swimming.

During the day, if were weren’t at the beach, you could find us at the pool. It was huge and circled around much of the resort like a half moat. The water was cold which was a nice refreshment from the tropical heat.


We spent the rest of our time either eating or drinking. The Happy Hour drinks were served with this most amazing spicy peanut mix. Writing this brings back such happy taste feels. I can’t wait to get home and attempt to recreate!


Like I mentioned, if we weren’t pooling or beaching, we were eating and drinking.

I’ll start with the included breakfast buffet. It was amazing. The largest
“buffet” I have experienced. It had everything and it was all delicious. I’m honestly overwhelmed thinking about listing everything…made to order eggs, thai omelettes, thai eggs Benedict, endless variety of pastries, pancakes waffles and crepes, rice and Chinese dishes, Indian dishes, western dishes, so much bread, great fruit bar, fresh pressed juice blends, smoothies, coffees, fresh coconuts and juices, cheese and charcuterie, and specialty items each day. My favorite was the day they had khao soi, YUM! You want to limit yourself but you just can’t. Breakfast was actually breakfast and lunch, so we didn’t have to eat again until dinner.

Before dinner we would frequent the resort Happy Hours and enjoy pina coladas or cheap beers. But the real reason I wanted to be there was for the spice peanut mix I mentioned above. It was a salty, spicy, citrusy, peanut mix with super spicy chilis and kafir lime leaves. One time a server noticed Jared taking a bite of one of the chilis and she sprinted over in a panic, worried he was about to eat the whole thing. We assured her that he knew what he was doing.

We ate most dinners at the resort because we were super impressed by our first meal and there was more we wanted to try. We did go to a restaurant in Nai Yang which was 50% great. I ordered the wrong thing (“spicy” pad thai) but Jared’s fresh caught, hand picked, fried red snapper, was amazing! Here are some pictures. (There are captions if you click on them)

I loved Phuket. It was relaxed, tropical, and friendly. There are 1000s of other beaches we could have picked, but we were very satisfied with Nai Yang! Perhaps one day we will be back to explore some more of the beautiful beaches!

Khob Khun Ka for Keeping Up šŸ˜‰
(Thank you)

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