Bangkok, Thailand – Eating

My expectations for eating in Bangkok were pretty high. From watching Anthony Bourdain shows and FoodRanger YouTube videos, it seems like there’s amazing food everywhere. Our experience was not that simple or easy. Don’t get me wrong, we had some great things, but it was often overwhelming to try to go “food ranging”. Like any foreign place, I think it would have been a much different experience to be with someone who knows the area, but especially true with Bangkok.

We found some really good cafes close to our first hotel where we had some delicious meals, delicious infused waters, smoothies, and lots of Vietnam drip coffee, hot and iced. I had some delicious Khoa Soi and Jared had really good Tom Yum soup. We had a crispy rice salad with sour sausage that reminded us of a dish we order from LLX in Madison and super crispy and crunchy chicken wings. All the wings we had in Bangkok were two bone wings spilt in half so one bone each, super crispy and delicious. I loved that the wings were served this way. We also had glass noodle salads and pork belly with rice and quinoa. There were some other delicious things, I can’t remember what they were all called.

We had an experience where we wanted to eat at a food court that had authentic, amazing smelling food, but realized we needed a special card. We ended up at a little sit down place. Unfortuntely, we both didn’t feel good afterwards.

We found a cute little eatery run by two sisters and had a delicious meal. We had spring rolls, chicken wings, tamarind chicken, and a super flavorful garlic and ginger pork dish. Oh, and mango beer! I liked this place because we were sitting right next to the open kitchen so you could watch everything being made.

We had a very authentic Thai meal at The Hemlock. The food was good and the restaurant had a great charm to it.

There was a little cafe right in front of our second hotel. We went there for lunch twice. They had really good smoothies!

There’s food I forgot/didn’t get pictures of and therefore I won’t/can’t write about them. All in all we had many good food experiences but next time I would love to be with someone who could provide a little bit of guidance!

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